The ibou pocket is a small pouch which hangs neatly to the handle of your handbag and provides a neat solution to the items you need to reach frequently. It swaps from one bag to another in a jiffy, so no more forgetting your favourite lip balm in your other bag!
I have developed this product after realizing that many women have the same problems when it comes to bags:

1. Many of our handbags cannot be closed to protect from thieves
2. The items we need most will invariably always be at the very bottom the bag
3. When swapping bags necessities often get left behind in the bag I’m not using

ibou answers all these issues at once by providing an extra pocket with zipper in which you can keep all your important belongings whilst also being easily swapped over.

It suits any handbag style and comes in a variety of colours and materials.  It  will carry your iPhone, iPad Mini, keys, wallet, lipstick, and anything else that needs to be at easy reach. The rings simply fit around the handles of your bag and you are good to go. When the time comes for a change of bag, simply open the rings and place the ibou into another bag. Ideal for handbags, totebags, beach bags, baskets, …


ibou pocket comes in a range of 6 vibrant colours (red, orange, blue, green, brown and black) made out an 100% cotton inner and nylon outside cover to protect your belongings. It comes with two rings which easily fasten to any bags handle.

The ibou’s dimensions are 25cm by 17cm (9.8″ x 6.7″) and comfortably fits an iPhone, iPad Mini, keys and wallets.


You can watch the ibou pocket video on Vimeo