ibou will keep your belongings
Providing tidiness
for your need-to-reach belongings


ibou fits all handbags
Hang it easily on your bags handles


Save time
Changing your ibou from one bag
to another is easy


What is

ibou pocket?

It suits any handbag style and comes in a variety of colours and materials.
The rings simply fit around the handles of your bag and you are good to go. When the time comes for a change of bag, simply open the rings and place the ibou into another bag.
Ideal for handbags, totebags, beach bags, baskets…

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Solange Lhermitte

I am a graphic designer and illustrator by profession and have worked for clients in publishing, press and advertising. I later on became Head of Design for a leading children stationery publisher.
This allowed me to play a key role in the design and manufacturing of many products ranging from books, tableware, luggage, toys and games. Developing a project of this scale is something I have done several times and I am aware of all the possible difficulties that can occur.
With my experience and passion for colour, I teach the “Use of colour” in a design school in Paris and have done conferences on the subject in several institution, the Lieu de Design being one of them.
You can see my work here: solangelhermitte.com